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Reichert ML1

Reichert ML1 Lensometer

Reichert ML1 Lensometer

LED Illuminated Target
The Reichert ML1’s LED light source ensures that you will never need to change bulbs again. The comfortable glare-free, green illumination and sharp mires make measurements easy.

Battery operated and completely cordless, the ML1 Manual Lensometer gives you total mobility and no cord clutter. The LED’s low power consumption and auto sleep feature ensure a long battery life. The standard AAA batteries are inexpensive and available everywhere.



S4OPTIK Model 90 Lensmeter

S4OPTIK Model 90 Lensmeter

S4OPTIK Model 90 Lensmeter has improved the standard lensmeter for optical labs:
Built to high standards like the B&L or Reichert model 70, the S4OPTIK Model 90 lensmeter will feel, act and provide the accurate measurements that you have grown accustomed to.
New advances in technology have made the S4OPTIK Model 90 lensmeter better than the old standard – a new LED illumination system provides optimal target brightness and eliminates the need for an illumination bulb.


Santinelli ICE 1000 Super Intelligent Blocker

Santinelli ICE 1000 Intelligent Blocker

Used Santinelli ICE 1000 Lens Blocker

The Santinelli ICE 1000 is an “intelligent” lens blocker that automatically detects the optical center of a lens to ensure the lens is correctly shaped for mounting in a frame. This sophisticated device has a built-in CMOS camera, which provides an uncut lens outline, and a built-in tracing unit, which provides a lens-shape image. Both images are simultaneously displayed on a LCD screen, allowing the practitioner to verify the diameter of the uncut lens prior to blocking.

Automated Accuracy

The Santinelli ICE 1000 offers the following features:

  • Motorized alignment – The practitioner can accurately block a lens by placing the lens in the approximate center of the lens table.
  • Auto lensmeter functionality – The practitioner can block a single-vision lens without marking its optical center.
  • Push-button simplicity – The optimum pressure for blocking a lens is achieved with the simple press of a button.

The ideal tool for processing lenses, the Santinelli ICE 1000 lens blocker can be purchased used – at a significant savings over the cost of a new device – from Vision Equipment Inc. We stock a wide variety of professionally refurbished lens blockers and other used optical equipment, and our industry-leading warranty and support help to ensure a long and issue-free equipment lifespan.

Santinelli ICE Mini Blocker

Santinelli ICE-Mini Blocker

Santinelli ICE-Mini Blocker

  • Quick and Easy Blocking
  • Flexible 3-pin lens support, holding the lens from the top, greatly
  • Helps the operator to achieve easy an accurate blocking.
  • User-Friendly LCD Touch Panel
  • 8.4-inch color LCD touch panel offers clear display and easy operation.
  • Versatile Network Capability
  • The ICE mini can be directly connected to 2 lens edgers.
  • The ICE-Mini from Santinelli NIDEK has made blocking as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
  • The data to be input is the lens type, frame type, grinding mode and lens layout data which includes FPD, PD, height of optical center and size.

Santinelli LE 1000 Lens Edger

Santinelli LE-1000 Lens Edger

Used Santinelli Le-1000 Optical Lens Edger

Featuring NIDEK’s legendary lens processing technology, the Santinelli Le-1000 optical lens edger delivers the quality, precision and ease of use that Santinelli is known for. With a fast processing cycle and “whisper-quiet” operation, the Santinelli Le-1000 is both highly accurate and exceptionally durable.

Trailblazing Design

Representing the next generation of patternless lens edgers, the Santinelli Le-1000 incorporates a number of outstanding features, such as:

  • Advanced CAD components, including a direct drive gear system that maintains a cylindrical axis with every cut
  • Size control with a Y-axis direct drive assembly and specialized servo motor that produces consistent, high-precision results
  • An integrated stabilizer that keeps chucking pressure consistent without harming lens coatings
  • A specially designed grooving wheel that ensures superior groove quality with pinpoint accuracy – even on high-base curve lenses
  • A safety beveling wheel for accurate and consistent design and appearance
  • An integrated air duct for deodorization
  • A high-precision 3D frame tracer incorporated into the Santinelli Le-1000 main console for a small footprint

The Le-1000 precisely edges all lens materials, including Trivex and polyurethane, and offers Santinelli’s renowned Crystal Cut™ diamond luster polish.

Buy Used With Confidence

If you’d like to outfit your eye care practice with a Santinelli Le-1000, you can save thousands by buying used from Vision Equipment Inc. All of the used ophthalmic equipment we sell is completely refurbished by factory-trained technicians and includes the best warranty and support available in the industry.


Santinelli LE-9000SX Express

Santinelli LE-9000SX Express Lens Edger

Financing Available

Vision Equipment- Sterns Bank Financing

Used Santinelli LE-9000SX Express

If you’re ready to enter the next generation of patternless lens edging – without incurring the significant cost of obtaining brand-new equipment – consider purchasing a used Santinelli LE-9000SX Express from Vision Equipment Inc. A true powerhouse packed into a small footprint, this state-of-the-art Santinelli edger is an outstanding addition to any eye care practice.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the Santinelli LE-9000SX. If so, you might be wondering what the term “Express” signifies. In addition to enhancing the functionality of the equipment, Santinelli has essentially accelerated every step of the entire lens-finishing process, including frame tracing, lens measurement, calculation, and edging. This speedy and beautiful lens edger incorporates very latest technological advances achieved by ophthalmic industry leader NIDEK, such as:

  • A high-speed, direct-drive spindle motor that ensures stable finishing
  • Soft-grind functionality
  • Upgraded software

The highly versatile Santinelli LE-9000SX Express can process any type of lens material, including glass, plastic, polycarbonate, and acrylic, delivering fast, precise, and beautiful results every time. Vision Equipment Inc. sets up the LE9000SX Express to cut all materials except glass, but it is available upon request.

You can purchase a used Santinelli LE-9000SX Express from Vision Equipment Inc. with complete confidence. Meticulously refurbished by factory-trained technicians, all of our used optical equipment undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive overhaul to help ensure it will provide many years of reliable service. For your further peace of mind, we also offer an industry-leading warranty and lifetime telephone support. To learn more, contact us today.