Used Santinelli Lens Edgers & Other Optical Instruments for Sale

Widely known and respected for pioneering highly accurate lens-edging equipment for the optical industry, Santinelli is dedicated to providing ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians with the most technologically advanced lens edging equipment available. Along with Santinelli, Vision Equipment Inc. is committed to helping eye care professionals help their patients see better. To do so, we offer pre-owned, professionally refurbished Santinelli lens edgers at a significant discount.

A lens edger is an investment, and a better edger leads to a better return on investment. Within the eye care industry, Santinelli edgers manufactured by Nidek have a well-deserved reputation for both extraordinary accuracy and unmatched durability. Vision Equipment Inc. makes this outstanding technology more accessible to physicians by selling used lens edgers at an attractive price. Our industry-leading warranty and lifetime phone support ensure success for the eye care professional and his or her patients.

The Santinelli Edgers We Carry

Our inventory of Santinelli edgers is refreshed almost daily due to sales, trade-ins, and purchases. Some models we currently have available include:

• Santinelli LEX1000 / ICE1000
• Santinelli LEX1000
• Santinelli LE1000
• Santinelli LE9000SX Express
• Santinelli LE9000SX

Each Santinelli lens edger system we sell includes a blocker and water system, and we also provide installation and training services. We can help you maximize your ROI by allowing you to get the most out of your new equipment as soon as possible.

Buy Used With Confidence

All Santinelli edgers and other optical and ophthalmic instruments sold by Vision Equipment Inc. are thoroughly reconditioned, precisely calibrated, and meticulously inspected by our factory-trained technicians. Any necessary restorations or mechanical repairs are performed in accordance with Santinelli’s rigorous standards using Nidek parts. For these reasons, we feel comfortable backing each sale with an industry-leading labor and parts warranty.

At Vision Equipment Inc., we also believe that when you outfit your eye care practice with the best equipment, you deserve the best customer service. Therefore, in addition to offering comprehensive warranty protection, we offer ongoing technical support by telephone for as long as you own the equipment you purchased from us.

Get an edge on your competition with a used Santinelli edger from Vision Equipment Inc. Contact us today to discuss your eye care equipment needs. While we specialize in Santinelli edgers, we offer a full range of eye care instruments from all of the industry’s top manufacturers. We can also help you keep your current equipment running and looking like new – ask for a quote on an equipment refurbishment or component repair.

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