Used Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

By eliminating the need for pupil-dilating eye drops and bright lights, today’s non-mydriatic retinal cameras make fundus photography more patient-friendly and practice-friendly than ever before. Forget about waiting 30 minutes or longer for your patient’s pupils to dilate, and then waiting some more for the patient’s eyes to adjust after being exposed to an intense flash of light—none of this is necessary when you utilize a highly advanced non-mydriatic fundus camera.

Benefits for Your Patients and Your Practice

The ability to complete an eye exam quickly and without dilation makes many patients more willing to undergo it. Additionally, a non-mydriatic fundus camera makes it possible to examine patients with glaucoma who cannot undergo dilation. The end result is a greater likelihood of detecting eye diseases at an earlier stage, when they are more treatable. What’s more, these important time-saving features greatly increase exam efficiency, benefitting you and your office staff as well.

With the addition of a digital image capture system, a non-mydriatic fundus camera also allows you to immediately review the fundus photos with your patient during the exam. The images can also be transmitted via email for referrals and consultations, if necessary.

Buy Used and Save Money

If you’d like to add a non-mydriatic fundus camera to your eye care practice, you can purchase a used, professionally refurbished model from Vision Equipment Inc. Our vast inventory of used ophthalmic equipment includes the latest offerings from industry-leading manufacturers, including Canon, CenterVue, Kowa, Topcon and ZEISS. You can buy from Vision Equipment Inc. with complete confidence. After our factory-trained technicians return pre-owned equipment to like-new condition, our industry-leading warranty provides assurance that it will perform well for many years to come.

For more information on how you can enhance your eye care practice with the latest ophthalmic equipment at significant savings, contact Vision Equipment Inc. today.

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