Canon DGi Digital Fundus Camera


Canon DGi Digital Fundus Camera

Quick Access to Images
• Images taken can be immediately accessed
• Images produced are ideal for diverse applications including telemedicine, PC-based video conference, electronic filing, and remote storage.

Easy Alignment & Focusing
• Simple preparation for image capture

Fixation Target
• Eye fixation is simplified by user-friendly internal fixation target

Reduced Illumination
• Small amount of light needed to capture clear images

Digital Software Upgrade:


  • Increased database speed and quicker patient data fields
  • Side by side comparative screens and image layover for retinal change detection and subtraction
  • 3D optic nerve capture and stereo viewing of the retina is easier than ever
  • Import various data from other instruments using our comprehensive DICOM and PDF formats
  • Experience Live view of the retina and capture without requiring 2 monitors
  • On screen digital camera settings allow for fluent transitions to FA and red free photos
  • Review photos without leaving the thumbnail screen provides quicker presentation to patients
  • Software can capture directly from retinal camera and slit lamp to allow for one database
  • No upgrade or conversion charge from iMACAM to our new RETINAphile XP version
  • Emboss feature gives a 3D effect taken with only one photo. Accurate scaled elevation and depressions can be appreciated