Used Perimeters

An essential diagnostic tool for any ophthalmic practice, a perimeter facilitates highly accurate visual field testing. By evaluating the result—a subjective measure of your patient’s central and peripheral vision—you can better diagnose, determine the severity of and monitor the patient’s glaucoma and other eye conditions. Therefore, you’ll want to outfit your office with the best visual field perimetry testing equipment you can buy.

If you’re in the market for a visual field analyzer, why not explore the used perimeters offered by Vision Equipment Inc.? Our expansive inventory includes many of the latest models, which you can obtain at a substantial savings over the cost of brand-new visual field testing equipment. Before being offered for sale, each pre-owned perimeter we acquire is thoroughly cleaned, conditioned and recalibrated to the manufacturer’s specifications. Coupled with our industry-leading warranty, our painstaking refurbishment process helps to ensure many years of reliable use.

Types of Visual Field Instruments

Vision Equipment Inc. offers state-of-the-art perimeters that test and measure data in different ways. For instance, you might consider a:

  • Humphrey Field Analyzer® (HFA™) – In addition to analyzing visual fields, the HFA provides key information that can be used to project future vision deterioration and loss. Validated by more than 30 years of research, design and clinical experience, the HFA™ is the accepted standard of care in glaucoma diagnosis and management.
  • Humphrey Matrix® – The Humphrey Matrix quickly and easily detects early visual field loss and can reveal loss of sensitivity in the magnocellular pathways affected by disease. In addition to simplifying visual field testing, the Humphrey visual field machine offers frequency-doubling perimetry, which can identify visual field loss that often goes undetected by other testing methods.

Perimeters provide eye care professionals with valuable information about their patients’ visual function, quality of vision—and quality of life. Whether you are establishing a new ophthalmic practice, expanding your current facility or replacing old equipment, the specialists at Vision Equipment Inc. can help you find the ideal perimeter at a significant savings. And if we don’t have the right visual field machine for sale today, please let us know. Through our ongoing purchases and trades, we have used ophthalmic equipment arriving almost daily.

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