Santinelli ICE 1000 Intelligent Blocker


Santinelli ICE 1000 Super Intelligent Blocker

The Santinelli ICE 1000 Super Intelligent Blocker is the highest quality blocker in the 1000 series. Apart from blocking functions it reads the demo lens outline shape and rimless drill mount holes. It can also create the position of a hole, manage data and edit the shapes of the lens. The Ice1000 is the ideal tool for processing lens and maintains a perfect balance with the family of Nidek lens Edger, Lex 1000, ME-1000 and also ME-1000 DESIGN+.

With the help of the newly designed optical systems that are according to the latest technology, accuracy in measurement is at the highest level. It can easily detect the errors caused by prismatic effect and eliminate them. Measurement of the weak power lenses is accurate and automatically detects progressive lenses.

The Ice 1000 has the ability to read the outline shape of the demo lens automatically.

As the images are enlarged on the display, setting the hole positions becomes easy by using a demo lens that are set on the touch panel.

The Ice 1000 also has a number of editing functions that work well for ME 1000 DESIGN+ like creating holes that are complex operations, Shape Editor of an Advanced Level, Design Cut, Facet and also Partial Grooving. It supports data editing for the processing on the ME DESIGN+ . There are thumbnails shown on the data management display that helps to search for missing data.