Santinelli LE-9000SX Express Lens Edger

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Used Santinelli LE-9000SX Express

If you’re ready to enter the next generation of patternless lens edging – without incurring the significant cost of obtaining brand-new equipment – consider purchasing a used Santinelli LE-9000SX Express from Vision Equipment Inc. A true powerhouse packed into a small footprint, this state-of-the-art Santinelli edger is an outstanding addition to any eye care practice.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the Santinelli LE-9000SX. If so, you might be wondering what the term “Express” signifies. In addition to enhancing the functionality of the equipment, Santinelli has essentially accelerated every step of the entire lens-finishing process, including frame tracing, lens measurement, calculation, and edging. This speedy and beautiful lens edger incorporates very latest technological advances achieved by ophthalmic industry leader NIDEK, such as:

  • A high-speed, direct-drive spindle motor that ensures stable finishing
  • Soft-grind functionality
  • Upgraded software

The highly versatile Santinelli LE-9000SX Express can process any type of lens material, including glass, plastic, polycarbonate, and acrylic, delivering fast, precise, and beautiful results every time. Vision Equipment Inc. sets up the LE9000SX Express to cut all materials except glass, but it is available upon request.

You can purchase a used Santinelli LE-9000SX Express from Vision Equipment Inc. with complete confidence. Meticulously refurbished by factory-trained technicians, all of our used optical equipment undergoes a rigorous and comprehensive overhaul to help ensure it will provide many years of reliable service. For your further peace of mind, we also offer an industry-leading warranty and lifetime telephone support. To learn more, contact us today.


Santinelli LE-9000SX Express

3D tracing and edging All material capable Precise bevel control Polishing function Integrated tracer, groover, and safety bevel Blocker included. The LE-9000SX Express is a highly durable and efficient system for anyone considering a step up in edging technology.

Edging Modes:


• Auto: Computer Calculated Bevel
• Guided: Manual Bevel settings


• Auto: Computer calculated groove position and curve
• Guided: Manual input of groove and curve

Lens Materials for Santinelli Nidek LE-9000SX Express: Glass, High Index, Polycarbonate, and CR-39

Lens Size: 90 mm max.

Layout Range: 110mm max.

Grinding Size:

• Flat Edging: 18mm min.
• Beveling: 19mm min.

Water Supply System:

• Recirculating tank and pump or Direct Water hookup.

Power Supply: 115V, 60Hz

Dimensions: 20.5″W X 19.1″D X 13″H

Weight: 92.6 lbs.

Standard Accessories included