ZIEMER Galilei G2 DS Analyzer Topographer


ZIEMER Galilei G2 DS Analyzer Topographer

The Ziemer Galilei Dual Scheimpflug Analyzer is a high precision optical system for corneal topography and three dimensional analysis of the anterior eye segment, based on a Revolving Dual Channel Scheimpflug Camera and a Placido Disk.

The Ziemer Galilei combines the advantages of two technologies; Placido imaging furnishes high accuracy curvature data, while Scheimpflug imaging is optimal for precise elevation data.

The Ziemer Galilei incorporates several important diagnostic modalities. Combining them in a single device not only saves office space and investment cost, it also lays the basis for obtaining consistent, combined diagnostic information from a single set of merged measurement data.

Ziemer Galilei Dual Scheimpflug Features:
• High Resolution Scheimpflug images
• Pachymetry
• Corneal and Lens topography
• 3D Anterior chamber analysis
• Crystalline Lens thickness
• Corneal and lens densitometry
• Pupillometry