ZEISS IOLMaster 500 Biometer

Used ZEISS IOLMaster® 500 Biometer

Widely considered the gold standard in optical biometry, the ZEISS IOLMaster® 500 is fast and easy-to-use. This state-of-the-art instrument provides cataract surgeons with accurate measurements that lead to highly dependable refractive outcomes.

Industry-Defining Technology

A true standout among optical biometers, the ZEISS IOLMaster® 500 features:

  • Distance-independent telecentric keratometry – The ZEISS IOLMaster® 500 enables robust and repeatable measurements that are consistent those achieved with manual keratometry, but much more precise.
  • A high measurement success ratio in dense cataracts – With a cataract penetration rate of more than 93%, this outstanding optical biometer measures along the visual axis, even with staphyloma, pseudophakic and silicone-filled eyes.
  • Precise and efficient markerless toric IOL alignment – An integral component of the ZEISS Cataract Suite, the ZEISS IOLMaster® 500 acquires a reference image that can be used for intraoperative matching with the live eye image during cataract surgery, eliminating the need for manual marking.

A Difference You & Your Patients Will Notice Every Day

With its highly intuitive design, one-of-a-kind usability and reduced chair-time, the ZEISS IOLMaster® 500 has become one of the most commonly used optical biometers in the ophthalmic world. Why not complement your eye care practice with a professionally refurbished model from Vision Equipment Inc.? All of the used ophthalmic equipment in our vast inventory is precisely calibrated and thoroughly tested by factory-trained technicians. We’re so confident in the used optical biometers we sell that we back each one with an industry-leading warranty.
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    ZEISS IOLMaster 500 Biometer


    – A well-designed user interface, plausibility checks, distance-independent measurements, and an up to four times faster reading compared to other optical devices lead to a one-of-a-kind usability and reduced chair-time.

    – A difference you, your team, and your patients will notice every day. 


    – Any intraocular lens calculation is only as reliable as the lens constant it is based on.

    – More than 40,000 sets of patient data created with the Zeiss IOL Master are the basis of more than 200 optimized lens constants in the User Group for Laser Interference Biometry (ULIB) website absolutely unique in the industry. 

    – Together with its one-of-a-kind distance independent telecentric keratometry and the exclusively integrated Holladay 2 formula, the gold standard in optical biometry helps you improve your refractive outcomes. 


    – SRKII, SRK/ T, Holladay 1 and 2, Hoffer Q, Haigis 

    – Clinical history and contact lens fitting method for calculation of corneal refractive power following refractive corneal surgery 

    – Haigis-L IOL calculation for eyes following myopic / hyperopic LASIK / PRK / LASIK surgery 

    – Calculation of phakic anterior and posterior chamber implants 

    – Optimization of IOL constants 

    Technical data
    IOLMaster 500 from ZEISS
    Measurement range Axial length 14 – 38mm
    Corneal radii 5 – 10mm
    Anterior chamber depth 1.5 – 6.5mm
    White-to-white 8 – 16mm
    Display scaling Axial length 0.01mm
    Corneal radii 0.01mm
    Anterior chamber depth 0.01mm
    White-to-white 0.1mm
    IOL calculation
    Haigis, Hoffer® Q, Holladay 1 and 2, SRK® II, SRK® / T
    Clinical history and contact lens fitting method for
    calculation of corneal refractive power following
    refractive corneal surgery
    Haigis-L IOL calculation for eyes following
    myopic/ hyperopic LASIK / PRK /LASEK surgery
    Calculation of phakic anterior and posterior
    chamber implants
    Optimization of IOL constants
    Interfaces Ultrasound data link
    ZEISS eyecare data management system FORUM®
    ZEISS computer-assisted cataract surgery system
    CALLISTO eye (via USB)
    Data interface for electronic medical record (EMR) /
    patient management systems (PMS)
    Data export to USB storage media
    Export database for Holladay IOL Consultant and
    HIC.SOAP Pro
    Ethernet port for network connection and
    network printer
    Line voltage 100 – 240 V ± 10% (self sensing)
    Line frequency 50 – 60 Hz
    consumption max. 75 VA
    Laser class 1