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Lenstar LS 900

HAAG STREIT Lenstar LS 900 Biometer

LENSTAR LS 900 Biometer

Spectacle independence is the goal of cataract surgery today, the Lenstar LS 900 Biometer provides all the data and state-of-the-art IOL formulae required to achieve this!

Zeiss IOLMaster 500 Biometer

ZEISS IOLMaster 500 Biometer

Zeiss IOLMaster 500 Biometer

The Zeiss IOLMaster 500 refurbished by Vision Equipment Inc. sets the standard in optical biometry. To date, this legendary device is responsible for more than 100 million successful IOL power calculations worldwide.

The new version of the Zeiss IOLMaster 500, is cutting-edge technology that points the way to the future of optical biometry.


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