Zeiss IOL Master

Used ZEISS IOLMaster® A-Scan Biometer

The gold standard for intraocular lens (IOL) power calculations in clinical practice, the ZEISS IOLMaster A-Scan Biometer is a combined A-scan biometry instrument that facilitates fast and accurate measurements of eye length and surface curvature, which are necessary for cataract surgery. A non-contact device, the ZEISS IOLMaster integrates extensive features to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Quick & Precise Measurements

The ZEISS IOLMaster quickly and precisely measures various eye parameters, including:

  • Axial length – Based on Partial Coherence Interferometry (PCI), the ZEISS IOLMaster measures the distance between the tear film and retina, providing a result comparable to the ultrasonic immersion measurements that can be obtained through the use of an internal, statistically verified calculation algorithm.
  • Corneal curvature – As in conventional keratometry, the ZEISS IOLMaster measures the distance between reflected light images.
  • Anterior chamber depth – Utilizing lateral slit illumination, the ZEISS IOLMaster measures the distance between the optical sections of the crystalline lens and cornea.
  • “White-to-white” – Based on an image of the iris, the ZEISS IOLMaster measures the diameter of the cornea.

Optimal IOL Calculation

Based on the resulting measured values and international calculation formulas, an integrated computer calculates the optimal IOL power for the patient, leading to a highly accurate refractive outcome.
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    Zeiss IOL Master

    The Refurbished Zeiss IOL Master comes with version 5 software and is in perfect working order. The Zeiss IOL Master sets a new standard for highly accurate, precise measurements of all ocular characteristics necessary for IOL power calculations.

    The Zeiss IOL Master is the world’s first instrument for the totally non-contact measurement of all data required for the calculation of intraocular lenses.

    After more than ten years of clinical experience and ongoing product enhancement, the IOL Master is truly the Gold Standard in biometry.


    Measuring Ranges:

    • Axial length 14 – 40 mm
    • Corneal radii 5 – 10 mm
    • Depth of anterior chamber 1.5 – 6.5 mm
    • White-to-white 8 – 16 mm

    Scaling of Display

    • Axial length 0.01 mm
    • Corneal radii 0.01 mm
    • Depth of anterior chamber 0.01 mm
    • White-to-white 0.1 mm

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