Topcon SL-D2 Slit Lamp

Used Topcon SL-D2 Slit Lamp

The compact and easy-to-use Topcon SL-D2 slit lamp combines excellent optical performance with a flexible digital documentation capability. With more than 80 years of experience in researching and developing lens technology, Topcon produces all of the incorporated optics, ensuring exceptional quality.

Affordable Excellence

A cost-effective solution for both digital imaging and clinical examinations, the Topcon SL-D2 does not compromise on features. This versatile slit lamp includes:

  • Convergent and parallel optics for comfortable viewing
  • Three convenient magnification ratios – 10x, 16x and 25.6x – which are selectable with a Galilean-type drum changer
  • An omni-directional joystick
  • An adjustable illumination level by rheostat
  • Built-in amber, cobalt blue and red-free filters (inserted and removed by rotary action) for optimal clarity, color resolution and depth of field
  • A continuous adjustable slit to a maximum of 14mm in height and width
  • An optional DC-4 digital camera for high-resolution color images and video clips

A Reliable, Pre-Owned Solution

If you’re interested in purchasing a pre-owned Topcon SL-D2, contact Vision Equipment Inc. today. We stock a wide variety of used slit lamps and other used ophthalmic equipment. Combined with the manufacturer’s high-quality materials, precision craftsmanship and customized optics, our industry-leading warranty ensures a long and trouble-free equipment lifespan.


    Topcon SL-D2 Slit Lamp

    The Topcon SL-D2 is part of Topcon’s D-Series Digital Slit Lamps. It can be used as a conventional examination instrument or with the optional DC-4 integrated digital camera for high resolution imaging. This cost-effective slit lamp features excellent optics and is a compact and easy to use solution for both digital imaging and clinical examination.

    • Three convenient magnification ratios of 10X, 16X, and 25.6X are selectable with Galilean-type drum
    • Optional DC-4 digital camera for high resolution color image and video clips.
    • Cost-effective solution for imaging and clinical examination
    • Optimized clarity, color resolution and depth-of-field
    • Compact and easy to use
    • Available in table mount or unit configuration

    EZ Financing Available