Marco Nidek LM1000 and LM1200 Auto Lensometer


    The Marco Nidek LM1000 and LM1200 Auto Lensometers

    The Marco Nidek LM1000 and LM1200 Auto Lensometers, are a Wavefront lens meter, using Hartmann-Shack Wavefront technology to read the lens at 108 points, offering solid accuracy in reading progressive lenses and automatically detecting R/L. The LM-1000 can read up to 20D of prism and has a UV detection mode. The 30-degree monitor tilt eases operation. Printing is available through any attached Marco ARK or, with the LM-1200, a printer is integrated into the system. The LM-1000 has a grayscale screen and the LM-1200 has a color screen.


    Utilizes Hartmann-Shack Wavefront Technology
    Automatic Progressive Lens Detection
    Automatic Measurement Acquisition
    Automatic R/L Recognition
    Ergonomic Design
    UV Assessment
    Lens Marking System
    PD Measurements
    High-Speed Printer (LM-1200)
    Adjustable Color Monitor (LM-1200)