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Topcon KR-8800

Topcon KR8800 AutoRefractor Keratometer

Used Topcon KR-8800

The Topcon KR-8800 is a powerhouse autorefractor-keratometer that incorporates Topcon’s exclusive Rotary Prism Technology. Unlike many other autorefractors, which utilize a series of single measurement points, the Rotary Prism covers a much wider field, delivering highly reliable objective refraction data. If you think this groundbreaking technology is out of your reach due to its high cost, think again. You can purchase a used Topcon KR-8800 from Vision Equipment Inc. at a significant savings.

Why Buy a KR-8800?

Delivering consistent measurements and unparalleled accuracy, the feature-rich Topcon KR-8800 offers:

  • Sharp graphics – Setting information and measurement results are prominently displayed on an easy-to-read, liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen.
  • Fast measurements – As compared to conventional autorefractor-keratometer units, the KR-8800 can reduce measurement time by up to 30%.
  • Reduced pupil size requirement – The minimum measurable pupil diameter is 2.0 mm, allowing for ease of measurement in elderly patients as well as those with long eyelashes.
  • Enlarged measurement range of astigmatism – The measurement range of astigmatism has been enlarged from C±8.00D (the conventional standard) to C±10.00D.

The Topcon KR-8800 automatically acquires refraction and keratometric data after alignment, making it the perfect choice for your fast-paced ophthalmic practice.

A Top-of-the-Line Autorefractor-Keratometer Is Within Your Reach

Contact Vision Equipment Inc. to inquire about purchasing a used Topcon KR-8800 today. All of the used autorefractors in our expansive inventory are professionally refurbished, precisely calibrated and thoroughly tested by factory-trained technicians. We’re so confident in our equipment that we back each sale with an industry-leading warranty.

Viewlight RK-11 Autorefractor Keratometer

Viewlight RK-11 Autorefractor Keratometer

Viewlight is proud to present the New Autorefractor Keratometer Viewlight Smart RK-11 is the new generation of ophthalmic equipment.The main characteristics of this professional equipment are his unique design and friendly use.

Zeiss iProfiler

ZEISS iProfiler Plus ATLAS ARK

ZEISS iProfiler Plus  Autorefractometer, ATLAS Corneal Topographer, Aberrometer, and Keratometer

The iProfiler plus is the 4-in-1 compact system with ocular wavefront aberrometerautorefractometerATLAS corneal topographer and keratometer. The fully automated measurement procedure, with easy-to-use touch screen control, enables all measurements of both eyes in approximately 60 seconds. The eye’s refractive power distribution is analysed and represented across the entire pupil aperture.


Zeiss Visuref 100 ARK

Zeiss Visuref 100 ARK

ZEISS VISUREF 100 provides accurate and reliable data for your daily practice routines. Intuitive features let you conduct the most important measurements with one device, including pupil and iris diameter evaluations. Refraction measurements of patients with implanted IOLs are also possible. Additionally, automatic fogging incorporates an infinity scene to reduce the effects of accommodation.