The Refurbished ZEISS CIRRUS 5000 HD-OCT is configured with the highest resolution visualization capabilities and sophisticated clinical applications such as, Advanced RPE analysis to track retinal pigment epithelial integrity and Ganglion Cell Analysis to assess glaucomatous loss in the macula that may not be evident in the peripapillary region.
The new FastTrac™ retinal tracking reduces eye motion artifacts without sacrificing patient throughput with a proprietary scan acquisition strategy, high speed 20 Hz LSO camera, and single-pass alignment scanning. This feature enables the highest resolution B-Scans to be captured in identical locations from visit to visit providing precise assessment of change in targeted pathologies.
Features Advanced diagnostic tools that improve your ability to identify pathology and track change over time.
  • NEW FastTrac™ retinal tracking system
  • NEW Macular Thickness OU Analysis
  • Advanced RPE analysis
  • Ganglion Cell Analysis
  • Guided Progression Analysis (GPA™)
  • Precision FoveaFinder™
  • Macular Thickness and Change Analysis
  • Macular Thickness Normative Data

Weight (kg)36 kg
Resolution For Iris Imaging : 1280 x 1024
Dimension (inches) (WxDxH) 18 x 26 x 21 in.
Table: 39L x 22W
Fixation Internal, external
Fixation Control -20D to +20D (diopters)
Includes Power Table, Printer, Warranty.