Santinelli ME 1000

Santinelli Nidek ME-1000 Edger

This exceptional lens edging system comes with a free blocker, blocks, manuals, re-circulation pumps with tank, and accessory kit.

We also include warranty and free installation!!!

100% refurbished by factory trained technicians


Please Allow 2-4 weeks for Installation.

Vision Equipment Inc professionally reconditions every lens edging system we sell. Each machine is completely disassembled to its components. Each component is then individually reconditioned separately.  Each part is meticulously cleaned to new condition. All wearable items such as bearings, belts, and wheels are discarded and replaced with new parts. The components are then reassembled and topped off with freshly painted and decaled covers.

Our factory trained technicians then begin the calibration process. We cut nearly 100 lenses in our testing and calibrating stage. We test and size all lens materials, all frame types, and every lens type. We then record our calibrations and keep them on file for future technical support.

Each completed system is then professionally packed and shipped. Our technicians will meet the shipment at your office, unpack it, install it on your bench, and insure all calibrations have held through shipping. When everything is verified, our technician will then train you and your staff how to use and care for your edger.

After completion of the installation and training you will have the confidence to cut any lenses for your patients and provide an excellent service. You will also have the confidence in knowing that our technicians are only a phone call away. Whether you have a machine issue, or just need some advice on blocking some rare lens type, our lifetime phone support is like having an extra hand to rely on.



Financing Available

Vision Equipment- Sterns Bank Financing

Santinelli Nidek ME-1000 Edger

The latest addition to the family of edging systems offers advanced functionality for creating an elaborate design lens of the highest quality.

The ME-1000 DESIGN+ has all the benefits of the ME-1000 and also integrates various functions for advanced lens design including Hole Creation, Shape Editor, Design Cut, Partial Grooving and Lens Facet. Each function assists you in your challenge toward more advanced and high-value lens


  • User Friendly LCD Touch Panel
  • Binocular display
  • High-Speed Grinding (15% Faster than Former Models)
  • High-Speed RISC CPU
  • Newly Developed 600W High Efficiency Motor
  • Advanced Mechanics and High Accuracy
  • LAN Ports for Convenient Data Transferring
  • Grinding Chamber Motorized Cover
  • Low Grinding Noise

Technical Specification:

Grinding System: Patternless Automatic, Guided, Flat, Polishing, Safety Beveling (with/without polishing), Grooving, Drilling (hole, slot, notch, etc.)

Lens Material*: Plastic (CR-39 and others), Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Trivex
*The type of lens material depends on the grinding wheel composition.

  • Accessories: dressing sticks, pliable cups, pliable cup remover.
  • Lens Size: 90 mm. or less
  • Layout Range: 110 mm. or less
  • Grinding Size*:
  • Flat Edging 19mm
  • Beveling 20mm
  • *The minimum grinding size depends on the lens process specifications.
  • Water Supply System: Pump Circulation or Mains Supply
  • Power Supply: 240v
  • Dimensions/Weight: 24.5″ (W) x 23.5″ (D) x 18″ (H) / 154 lbs.