ACUITY ex Computerized Vision Testing System


ACUITY ex Computerized Vision Testing System

ACUITY ex Computerized Vision Testing SystemEverything You Need, Nothing You Don’t


Get the Streamlined Computerized Vision Testing System
that’s thin, easy-to-use and comprehensive!
Be up and running in minutes!

Purchase includes 22-inch Flat-Screen HDMI Monitor, compact Android CPU,
Remote Control with Infrared Detector, Wall Mounting Bracket, Cables and Power Cord


ACUITY ex Computerized Vision Testing System

ACUITYex comes with a compact, high performance,
low-voltage CPU, a slim 22″ HDMI
LCD monitor, and a direct access remote control.

At 1.5″ deep, the sleek, flat screen monitor mounts almost flush
to the wall when the CPU is mounted below it.


ACUITYex offers immediate access to letter,
numeric, pictorial and non-literate optotypes with
varied isolation displays. One-touch sizing allows
decreases and increases up to 20/400. The streamlined
system includes eight additional
commonly-used vision tests, such as basic letter
contrast and fixation disparity.

Add advanced tests such as Low Vision and our patented Glare
Testing Kit (US Patent 8,550,631), for an additional cost.


ACUITYex offers a lifetime software license and
a one-year limited hardware warranty. Customers
have access to our USA-based technical support
for any questions or for replacement components,
if the need arises.

ACUITYex is the affordable option to add
streamlined, computerized vision testing to your
practice. It is the perfect fit for vision screening
examination lanes or for quick, basic tests in subspecialty


• Letters
• Tumbling E’s
• Numbers
• Pediatric Symbols & Numbers
• Single Optotype
• Single Line
• Multiple Lines
• Vertical Lines
• Pediatric Fixation Video
• Red/Green Duochrome Display
• Contrast Sensitivity Testing
• Astigmatic Dial
• Fixation Disparity Test
• Coincidence Test
• Worth Four Dot Test
• Cross Cylinder Test
• Blank Screen
• Optotype Pointer
• Scroll Up & Down
• Variable Calibration Distance
• Direct or Mirror View
• Snellen or Logmar Progression