M&S Smart System 20/20 Visual Acuity System

M&S Smart System 20/20 Visual Acuity System

The American-Made Smart System 20/20 computerized visual acuity and contrast sensitivity testing system offers the technological features needed to increase the quality of care you provide, streamline your practice and increase throughput.



M&S Smart System 20/20 Visual Acuity System

The American-Made Smart System 20/20 computerized visual acuity and contrast sensitivity testing system offers the technological features needed to increase the quality of care you provide, streamline your practice and increase throughput.

Made in the USA with Pride – Designed and manufactured in Illinois, our 22″ All-in-One System is precisely built with industrial-grade hardware. By engineering and manufacturing our own systems we can produce a product with a longer life-cycle, control the quality and quantity of the inventory and parts, and deliver fast and complete serviceability of each and every unit.

Peer-Reviewed and Science-Based Tests – No other company providing computerized visual acuity systems has more science behind the product than M&S. Used daily in over 65 universities and schools, our tests, algorithms and protocols have all been peer-reviewed and tested by key professionals and scientists in the industry. Our technology is calibrated to the ANSI and ISO specifications for vision testing and recognized by the FDA as an acceptable
instrument for use in clinical trials.

Interface with other Industry Leaders – M&S has partnered with other industry leaders to provide seamless integration with auto-phoroptor technologies and access to cutting-edge patient education options.

Unparalleled Technical Support and Customer Service – We take great pride in providing the best technical and customer support in the industry. Our
experienced, U.S.-based personnel are dedicated to resolving issues quickly and professionally.

ColorCheck Vision Testing – is a fully randomizable protocol using LEA® SYMBOLS and LEA® NUMBERS that accurately screens for all types of color deficiencies regardless of age. This easy-to-use software can be used on the Smart System at distance or on the Tablet at near. ColorCheck eliminates the potential for providing high frequency clues to the patient, which is a risk associated with computerized color cone tests.

Photo Stress Test – Evaluate macular function and recovery for the patient quickly and efficiently. Requires Glare Testing System (add-on; see GTS below).



Smart System Tablet – Use our bluetooth tablet in two ways: as a controller for the Smart System that can be customized with each user’s settings, tabs and tests; AND as a stand-alone near vision tester for:

• Near Visual Acuity
• Letter Contrast Testing
• Stereo Testing
• ColorCheck Color Testing
• Amsler Grid
• Worth 4 Dot Suppression Test
• and more in development!

Contrast Sensitivity Testing – Test your patients at the selectable cycles per degree using letters, our patented bullseye pattern or linear sine gratings. At the conclusion of the test, a graph will display the score relative to normative data (data collected and certified by Illinois College of Optometry). Research conducted by the University of Toronto and Hospital for Sick Children determined that the Smart System Letter Contrast Sensitivity protocol is as effective as the Pelli-Robson wall chart in diagnosing adults and children with contrast issues.

Rendia (formerly Eyemaginations) – Play high-quality patient education videos and multimedia options
directly via the Smart System, simply from a button on any Smart System input device.

License sold separately from Rendia.com.

Glare Testing System (GTS) – GTS provides a consistent technology for measuring the impact of glare on a patient’s vision. Carefully calibrated against existing methods of testing and validated by Nova Southeastern University, our GTS provides a consistency that can’t be found in rechargeable incandescent systems or any other glare source on the market today.

eEDTRS and ATS Protocols – Designed and developed by the Jaeb Center for Health Research (Tampa, Florida), the EVA (Electronic Visual Acuity) Tester, running the eETDRS protocol, has become the standard in vision testing. Running eETDRS on the Smart System allows for both BCVA testing as well as trial testing. Small and mobile, it saves time, space and unnecessary inconvenience at the investigator site. Smart System was the first commercial system approved for use in Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG) studies. Each investigator site simply switches between regular visual acuity testing and the study protocol when reviewing study patients.

Auto-DVD Play & Marketing Options – Users can access whatever is in the DVD drive directly from the remote control, wireless tablet or illuminated keypad. There’s no waiting for the disk to spin-up, nor the need to select chapters or titles. Users can also load other multi-media files (movies, slide shows, etc.) to the Smart System for marketing and promotions.

More Key Features and Functions:

• Allen Pictures
• Approved for Clinical Trials using eETDRS
• Astigmatic Dial (Customizable)
• Blank Screen Control
• Color Vision Screening
• Crowding Bars
• Customizable input devices
• Cycling Lines
• Dancing Bear Fixation
• Dynamic Fixation Disparity Testing
• Dual View
• Enhanced Anaglyph Random Dot Stereo (Customizable)
• Fixation Dot, Stimulus
• Full Randomization
• Glare Testing Kit (optional)
• Harris Visual Acuity and CS Testing
• LEA® Symbols and Numbers
• Low Vision Testing (eLVT) including:
20/3200 Optotype Sizing, Amsler Grid, Berkeley
Rudimentary Vision Test, Circle Quadrant Test,
Dynamic Visual Acuity, Low Vision Size Progression,
Masked Low Vision, 1-Meter Testing, White Letters
on Black Background

• Mirrored Lane Compatability
• Optotype Pointer
• Polarized Testing (extra hardware required)
• Red/Blue Distance Stereo (Standard)
• Red/Green Duo-Chrome
• Richer Glare Testing
• Secondary Calibration Distance
• Secondary Default Line
• Optotype Size to 20/1600
• Single Vertical and Horizontal Line
• Snellen and Sloan Letter Sets
• Three Lines Same Size Display
• Tumbling E’s
• Upgrade capability
• User-created JPG Screen Savers
• Uploadable PPT Slide Shows
• Wireless Bluetooth Tablet input (Optional)
• Worth Four Dot
• Verhoeff’s Circles


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