MMD Visual Field Analyzer – PalmScan VF2000

MMD Visual Field Analyzer – PalmScan VF2000

Welcome to the future of Visual Field testing

Introducing the PalmScan VF2000

Handheld, Battery Powered, Visual Field Analyzer (Perimeter) capable of performing Full Threshold as well as numerous screening tests

Includes 24-2, 24-1, 30-2, 30-1 and 10-2 Full Threshold test patterns



MMD Visual Field Analyzer – PalmScan VF2000

PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer is a revolutionary advancement in the visual field testing. This Battery operated, and fully portable system allows users to perform Screening and Full Threshold visual field tests on patients in any settings such as an office waiting room, nursing home or even patient’s home. New “Fast Threshold – Interactive” algorithm quickly performs a threshold test and evaluates patient’s vision within a few minutes. The system is completely independent of the ambient light in the room and you do not need a dark room to perform the tests. Visual field test can be performed with white/Red/Green/Blue stimulus against Black or Yellow backgrounds for additional perspective on patient vision.

Automated statistical trend analysis will automatically assess the progression of field defects on every threshold test report and GHT algorithm will analyze the report and helps physician identify abnormal test outcomes.

With this device you can test patients in satellite offices, nursing homes and at hospital bed side. Patients with disabilities can now be easily tested and this qualifies you for the ADA tax credit. PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Perimeter’s small foot print will save you money since you don’t need to assign a dedicated room to perform perimetry because of the older bulky equipment.

Secured Web portal
MMD’s secure web portal technology gives your team immediate access to all your patient’s reports. Use this portal to add new patients, archive old ones, print reports and much more all from your favorite web browser from anywhere you have access to the web.

Increase your revenue with the PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer
The PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer system can help you increase your office revenue by allowing you to screen patients who are not able to easily come to your office. Send your tech with this system to a local nursing home and perform full threshold Glaucoma screenings where needed.